Free Sermon Templates

Save Time Writing Your Sermons Using Our Free Message Templates

We may not know a lot about you, but we do know these three things…
  1. We know you try your hardest to preach the Word of God with boldness every weekend. 
  2. We know you’re praying that God gives you effective words and that His Spirit would prepare the hearts of your listeners.
  3. We know you yearn for your congregation to be convicted and comforted by the Word of God every single Sunday.

Whether you’re new to preaching or have been doing it for years, you have a God-given burden for the souls of your hearers. And, along with that, you have some niggling concerns about whether or not your church family is comprehending and practicing what you’re preaching.

This may not be what you want to hear, but sermon outlines are your best friend for combatting these concerns. Having the right framework for organizing your thoughts and communicating your message can make the difference between confusion and conviction.

Besides helping you speak your messages more clearly, outlines can also save you a TON of time when it comes to researching Bible passages and collecting illustrations.

That’s why we’ve embedded 6 different pre-built sermon outlines into Sermonary, our word processor, developed specifically for writing sermons.

Of course, once you’ve selected the right outline, the battle has just started. You’ll still have to make sure you allow adequate time to develop your ideas, research, and practice presenting your sermon. That’s why we created this free resource to walk you through the process of researching, planning, and presenting your sermon in just one week!

No matter what type of message you find yourself needing to preach this week, we think one of these outlines can be your perfect first step.

Six FREE Message Templates That Work

Pastor’s all over the world have been crafting their messages using these trusted communication templates.

Traditional 3-Point Sermon Template

This is a traditional three-point sermon template. Each point includes explanation, illustration, and application blocks.

The Me-We-God-You-We Method

Created by Andy Stanley, this preaching outline uses a simple formula to communicate the text’s big idea in a conversational manner.

Verse-by-Verse Running Commentary

This template is designed to help pastors work verse-by-verse through their text. Included are blocks for illustrations and application.

The Defender's Outline

Work through this template when using apologetics to teach or defend a tenet of the Christian faith.

The Children's Leader

This template, designed for children’s leaders, will help kids understand and apply the teachings of Scripture.

The Youth Pastor

This template is designed to help youth leaders communicate the Bible in a way that’s both creative and applicable for teenagers.

Don't let sermon writing hang over your head all week

We believe writing and preparing sermons should be one of the highlights of pastoral ministry rather than one of the greatest burdens. That’s why we’ve created a sermon editor used by thousands of pastors to streamline their sermon writing process, inspire ideas to help them find momentum, and help keep the joy of ministry and sermon prep.